Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spandex FULL Bodysuit is here!!!!!

OOH YEAH!!! My day just got better. Came home from a boring night class (taking a Diploma course while working is not fun), and found a little package with my name on it.

All black, stretchy, thin (very important for summer all year Singapore) fabric.

Initally when I wore it, it felt a little small. But after a little stretching and zipping up (not all the way to the head of course) IT LOOKED GREAT!!!!!!

Okay photo of me wearing it below ... beware ... REALLY SKIN TIGHT!!!

And I tried it on both ways for the fit in case I needed to change up where the zip is in case my top shirt is unable to cover the zip when in the front.

Hood was in front cause I was trying to see if I'm able to zip up the back without help ... and the answer is no. Gotta bring this suit to a seamstress to get rid of the head piece.

Blasters from Woodchuck are here!!!!

Like a little kid who got a new toy. I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the great work done by Woodchuck on the blasters. He also did me the favour of leaving the hallow in the gun so that I can do my own LED wiring inside.

If he wasn't fantastic enough, he even provided a photo and instructions (detailed mind you) on what wiring, lights, voltage etc to use for the installtion. RAWR!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Body Suit

Found a lot of links online for body suits.
But I was one day late cause I ordered online those fitting tops and bottoms that's usually used for workouts.
I'll see how it looks like when it comes.

But I think I'll still be buying the full one piece body suit ... in fact it covers all the way up to the neck/head, right to the fingers and down to the toes.