Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aches ...

After yesterday's cutting and dremmelling, I knew my arms and hands will be aching. The armor plastic was sooooo thick.

Right after finishing yesterday and I put my rings back on, they were all TIGHTER!!!

Last night right forearm was aching and had a little trouble finding a good position to sleep.

Was tempted to let it hang out on off the side of my bed but my youth reminded me of stories of monsters under the bed waiting for any parts of my body to be out of my bed-safety zone to drag me under to devour.


Today ... grip on my bike's handlebars there is a slight ache. As I type on my keyboard at work, the right forearm still has a little ache too.

Lessons learnt : Strength exercise for my arms or pay for it the next day.

Harness & Cutting & Dremmelling

OMG Alfred is a big help!
He passed me his spare harness which he didn't use.

Gotta wait for my flight suit and armor to be ready before testing out and aligning/fixing up the harness.

Tested out for the visor. Instead of the usual one from T-Visor, I used tinted plastic 2mm thick sheets. This picture is just me slotting it in to test it with flash. 2 sheets only needed. Next step is to either tape or glue it to the inside.

I started cutting the armor. With A LOT of help from Des, he lent me his cutter and his dremmel drill to cut and trim my armor. It's a lot tougher to cut than I thought.

And the dremmelling, I regretted wearing shorts. The scraps off the armor felt hot but luckily I got used to it after a while.

Ooh and I got my first cut on my left thumb. I have plenty of sores and scratches on my hands and legs too from handling the plastic but after it was all done ... it felt good.

Still have a LOT of dremmelling and trimming to do ... but oh well at least it's started.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Belt and Jetpack

A fellow forum goer from TDH said that the belt I got is for Jango and not Bo.

So will be ordering a full new set of belt, pouches and also the harness top from Seeker in TDH.

US$345.00 for the set (without jet pack) which I found a little pricey since the belt and pouches were initially only $175.00. Have to check.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jetpack confirmation delayed

Okay guess I was in the wrong for asking if I can confirm an order without payment.

Hope my salary comes in sooner so that I can confirm the jetpack sooner too.

US$475 including shipment. Approx. S$593.

Just hope I didn't piss him off for asking if I can do that. It was unethical I now realized.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Visor Material Sourcing

Ooh I forgot to add ...

I went to Bras Basah last night to hunt for some suitable flexible plastic that can be used for the helmet's visor.

Top picture is with 3 sheets thick and bottom pic is with 4 sheets thick. Can still see me in the top pic. But friend said most prob we can use 2 sheets only as the sheets exposure will be small and no backlight as it will be in the helmet.

We should be cutting out the hole for the visor this weekend. *excited*

Ooh and I started watching Clone Wars : the series. Just found out there's a movie before that. Getting that too.

Time to update my Star Wars knowledge. Need to rewatch all 6 movies and I think I want to get one of those graphic books to keep in my favourite bookshelf. :)

Jet Pack confirmation

Okay time up.
No replies from the other guy. Oh well.

I'm going with cruzer whom friends have told me he does an excellent job. Getting from him the finished kit that is going to set me back US$425. Damn that's S$530! But it's going to be worth it.

Won't be able to make it for the LucasArts Building launch I expect. But it's okay. I can still have fun as a minder and I guess will be cooler in terms of lesser sweat, can breathe, can drink and eat, can talk. LOL.

This will give me more time to get the wig and lighted headband too. Then at least I have a choice to take the helmet off to breathe. Hee hee hee.

Picture below is the unpainted kit. I ordered the finished kit. Gelcoat fiberglass body cleaned up on the inside and predrilled for attachments and greeblies, cleaned up resin attachment parts with all hardware installed for complete pre-paint assembly. As per his description.

Waiting for his reply for my delayed payment though. Money ran dry this month due to unexpected expenses.

1. Bike repairs : Fuel line spoiled, bearing to be replaced, front tyre to replace.
2. Tooth implant op : 1st stage only to pull out the bad one (right incisor) and put in a screw (it really looks like one) into my gum to sit there for a few months to see how well my gums heal around it. So far it's good. I'll have my full frontal smile again in about 7-9 months.

Helmet, pouches, jetpack, flightsuit

Helmet :
Pass it to my friend Des to start on the visor first.
But I'm going to Art Friend today to see if I can get the black visor which he doesn't have the material for.
Thinking of doing the antenna to be movable but semi fixed. Weight of the eye piece would pose a little problem but they have advised boring it to make it lighter. Hmmmm ...

Pouches :
Asking Seeker for a quote but from his threads it looks to be US$175.00 without shipping. Will check with a local leather maker to see if it's cheaper to do it here in Singapore.

Would always prefer to source locally.

Jetpack :
Biggest headache now.
Have asked Cruzer if he could do it quicker for me. But it looks to be only ready for delivery by May. And that is if he doesn't get delayed.
Asked another guy for a quote but I doubt I'll get an answer soon.
Will go ahead with Cruzer if no reply by tomorrow.

Flightsuit/overshirt/gloves :
Going with lycra for the body suit. Have to check with Spotlight again to see if they have that available.
Overshirt looks to be a tight black tee which I've to sew on blue bands at the end of the shirt sleeve. Looks simple enough.
I've not checked how the gloves exactly look like, but plain black. Should be able to get from army market.

Now I'm actually aiming to finish these by May so that I can join up the 501st for the LucasArts building launch. I'd love to go as one of the BH but looks like it might not come true and I'll just go as a minder.

Keeping fingers crossed for things to go smoothly ... especially the jetpack. :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Jetpack contact ...

Contacted cruzer from TheDentedHelmet to commission for a jetpack. Waiting for him to give me a little quote for a raw kit.
I prefer to get the kits raw so that I can handle, spray and do whatever is needed on my own ... then I could really feel that it is mine.

He also suggested to me to look up Kevin (KWDesigns) for other parts commission.
Will drop a PM later.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It is here!!!

Collected the bucket helmet, belt and armour kit from James.
Feeling like a little kid who got a new toy.

Had to hide it from the family though. God knows what they might say. Nothing good I expect.

$500 for what he sold me. Yay. Real steal.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A start ...

Had the luck to have someone sell off their Bo-Katan kit.
- Bucket helmet
- Armor kit
- Under belt piece

Slowly but surely I'll complete this.